Your First 5k Race: A Beginner’s Look At Running This Race

Your First 5k Race: A Beginner’s Look At Running This Race

You have always wanted to run though you were not so sure where to start. This simple guide will show you how to start and run your first 5k race. No one knows more than you exactly how you can run.

This will be an important first step. If you’re someone who likes to eat unhealthy then you’re going to have to cut back on the bad eating habits. Running the 5k may not sound like much but it is if you’ve never ran for long distances in the past then it is long.

Start off slowly

You’re goal of running the 5k, finishing it, and possibly placing will depend on how much effort and dedication is put in on your part. Exactly how far is 5k? Well, it is 3.1 miles. If this sounds like a lot, well, it is and it isn’t.

For the newbie, then it certainly seems unfathomable to run this much. It will take time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the race. First, find out when the nearest 5k race will be held and how far away, in time, it will take place. If the 5k race is a few months away there is ample time to get ready.

Where comfortable, light, but quality running shoes

There is no point in buying something cheap it if it will rip apart. Invest in quality shoes. Start by running three times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays should be sufficient for a beginner. Exactly how far depends on the runner. A jog of one-two miles is a great beginning. Actually, starting off with only one or two miles for the three days is great. For those with some running experience, then running those one or two miles in the same day, is certainly not bad.

Slow increments

Slowly incrementing distance is important. After a couple of weeks of jogging two miles, start jogging three. As with before, run this distance for a few weeks more. Try not to get ahead of yourself in preparing for the 5k race. Don’t try to do too much at the beginning. Saturdays and Sundays can be used as cross-training (ie; riding a bicycle) or just resting.

One key aspect that hasn’t been touch is proper stretching. Properly stretching before and after running will reduce lactic acid buildup.

You will feel sore for while but after a few weeks the soreness will dissipate. When stretching before actually running, jog around for awhile and get your muscles “warmed-up.” This is not an exhaustive resource on running the 5k. Properly consultation should be considered.

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