Should You Start Trail Running

Should You Start Trail Running

What do you think of when you start to imagine a trail runner? Most trail runners combine the lean physique of someone who does long distance running as well as with the muscle of a sprinter. Trail running sculpts a lean athletic body.

Not only will you be required to maintain extreme powers of endurance but you will also have to climb rocks and incorporate jumping into your run. What this does is gives your body a shocking workout that will leave you a better person physically.

Trail running is very hard on your leg joints. There is no way around it. Your ankles are forced to adapt to a large amount of uneven surfaces with loose rocks layered precociously on top. Your knees will be tested against downhill speeds and tons of crooked rocks of every conceivable shape. It is clear that anyone with serious joint problems should not try to take up trail running in order to get fit. In fact, you should be in a certain shape before you start trail running.

You should be an experienced runner before you start trail running. Have a lot of miles under your belt with some even surfaces before testing your joints against trails.

Running is actually more of an athletic movement than people give credit for and it can be very difficult to get into the proper form. You should not start running by running on trails because your technique will suffer. Run a marathon before you start putting serious miles into your trail running hobby.

As you start getting deeper and deeper into trail running you will also be put deeper and deeper into the wilderness. Thus you should have adequate experience with as much wilderness as possible. You should be an avid hiker and a strong climber to be able to hop into the world of a trail runner.

There is also a whole different way of moving your body that a natural environment will require of you. For instance, most sidewalks are purposefully kept clear of head blocking obstacles. In nature, you will not have this advantage and you will be forced to stay aware of your head as many trees and rocks will vie for it.

Trail running means that you combine the best of hiking with the best running. You don’t have to put up with traffic and instead you get to be alone with nature. Nature is the best stress reliever and combined with running , starting trail running can be one of the better decisions you ever make

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