Spectator viewing areas

As in years past, general spectators will not have access to the race start and finish areas within Van der Donck Park on race day. These areas will  be accessible to participants displaying their event-issued bib numbers, event staff with proper credentials, and ticketed guests (where applicable). Individuals who are not registered for the race will not be able to escort runners to the start line or greet runners at the finish line.

We recommend that spectators support runners from elsewhere on the course, and meet runners after the race at the designated runner reunite area at the Yonkers Marathon 27th Mile Post-Race Party in Van der Donck Park which will open to spectators at 9 a.m. To access this area, spectators must pass through security and bag screening.

Timing Cutoff for Marathon Runners

Any marathon participant not past half way at 2:30 will be directed over the finish line of the half marathon and considered a finisher in the half marathon. Any marathon participant past halfway that falls behind a 5 1/2 marathon pace (12:35 per mile) will be given the option to take a bus back to the finish line that is driving at that pace or to continue unsupported and no longer considered a participant in the event. No results will be provided after 5 1/2 hours. Please note that this time cut-off is with respect to our event permit, safety and medical personnel, as well as the volunteers on the course. We appreciate your understanding.

Schedule of Events

Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K Run 
Location: 1 Larkin Plaza, Yonkers, NY

SuperHeroes 5K run, Family SuperHeroes 2K  Race.
Location: Trevor Park, Yonkers, NY


Pick up Marathon bibs packet 11AM - 4 PM Library, 1 Larkin Plaza


Sign in 10:00 AM                                 Trevor Park

Family Run 2K                                    11:00 AM start
5K run SuperHeroes                         11:00 AM start

Sign in 11:00 AM 5k Mud Run

5K  Mud Run with Obstacles            12:00 PM start

Awards Ceremony   3:00 PM
After Party Concert 3:15 - 5 PM     Yonkers Brewing Co

Pick up Marathon bibs packet 10 AM - 4 PM Library

Vendors setup 2 PM - 5 PM

Pick up Marathon bibs packet         6 AM - 7:30 AM
Sign in 6:00 AM                            1 Larkin Plaza
Set up all races/tables 6:00 AM

Marathon                                      8:00 AM start  
1/2 Marathon                                8:00 AM start
5K run                                           8:15 AM start 

Awards Ceremony  11:00 AM
After party concert 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Yonkers Brewing Co

                                                 Van der Donck Park

Yonkers Marathon & 5k Mud Run


Men and Women's: Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5K

1st place   $250
2nd place $150
3rd place  $100 Gift Certificate local restaurant

5K Mud Run Obstacle

1st place  $250                              
2nd place $150              
3rd place  $100 Gift Certificate local restaurant

SuperHeroes 5K       Best Costume
Dinner for 4 at yonkers Brewing Co.