Breathing Techniques While Running

Breathing Techniques While Running

Although we do it thousands of times per day, we never think about how to breathe. That is because it comes so naturally and happens by itself. However, there are techniques that can be done to improve oxygen intake.

These can be used while running to maximize the performance. Often times, you will hear your breathing shifting pace and becoming more rapid when you run. You can feel your chest tighten and are gasping for breath. However, there are ways to fix this.

First off, you must realize one of the biggest fallacies in running, or an exercise for that matter. If you find yourself panting and making loud breathing noises, this does not mean you are breathing. Often times, I would find myself holding back the ‘panting’ noise. Little did I know, this was a very bad thing to do. In all reality, by breathing harder, you are actually working more efficiently.

This is because of the amount of oxygen brought into your body. If you are taking small breaths or even holding your breath, you will not be bringing in a sufficient amount of oxygen. By gasping for air, you are essentially opening up your airways and taking in a great amount of air.

This can lead you to practice a few ways of breathing while you run. During the beginning of a race, it is best to keep your breathing calm so you can keep your running form intact. Therefore, you want to take large, relaxed breaths.

A tip is to follow your step pattern. Find a pattern, such as every three or four steps, to take a breath. After a while, you will realize if you are getting enough air. By maintaining a calm breathing pattern, you will also keep your heart rate down.

As you are finishing your race, however, you will be sprinting, so keeping your lungs calm will be difficult. You shouldn’t be worried about your breathing during this point, though.

You should be focusing on finishing the race. By taking your mind off of the race, you will be taking time off your finish. Remember, though, that by breathing deeper breaths, you will get more air.

A strategy can arise when running and a deep breath occurs. Because many runners believe that they will “die” soon, they may slow after awhile. Likewise, if a runner’s breath is calm, they will have confidence to continue. Remember this when running alongside someone.

If you are trying to pass someone and notice their breathing is labored, try your best to keep your breathing low key and quiet. This will make them realize they are “dying” and they will begin to struggle.

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