Best Running Shoes For High School Track Student-Athletes: Fan’s View

Best Running Shoes For High School Track Student-Athletes: Fan’s View

Having the right running shoes can make the difference between painful shin splints and a smooth jog.
Here’s a look at the best five running shoes for high school track runners:

1) Asics Gel Kayano: I love this model because you can wear it on all types of terrain, so it’s great for student-athletes who train on the road when they aren’t running on the school track. The base is extremely cushy, and you feel almost no pounding on your feet.

The Gel Kayano offers maximum protection and comfort. The only downside is that the $150 price tag is a bit steep for the casual runner.

2) Brooks Trance 11: For cross-county runners, it’s important to have a shoe that can bear the brunt of long-distance races.

This is my favorite shoe for a 5K race, as I never suffered a shin splint or any kind of painful blister while wearing it. At $140, the price for this item is still a bit steep, but it’s a great investment for a runner who takes their craft seriously.

3) Asics Gel Excel 33: This one is perhaps the best shoe for beginners, as it’s a basic model without any excess.

If you’re a high-arched runner like me, this is a nice shoe that allows the forefoot to bend with ease and comfort, while providing plenty of extra protection in the midsole. For $120, there’s perhaps no better shoe on the market.

4) New Balance Minimus Zero: Weighing in at just 6.1 ounces, this shoe is incredibly lightweight and perfect for the serious runner.

My favorite feature on this item is the synthetic mesh wrap over the base of the shoe, which provides for much-needed breathing room through the toes. That extra little cooling feature works wonders in keeping you cool during hot summer races. With a price tag of $110, you can’t go wrong.

5) Nike Free Run iD: Nike sets the gold standard for running shoes, and this model is absolutely incredible.

I love that you can customize this model to your liking for a more snug fit than ever before. These are my favorite running shoes for a lightweight feel and breathability. Unfortunately, they run on the steep side of the pricing scale, with most outlets selling this model at $130 and up.

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