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Yonkers Marathon in New York

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Toughest Marathon in the East

Running the Yonkers Marathon is the pinnacle of achievement for elite athletes and everyday runners alike. On race day, runners from all states and many countries will set out to accomplish a personal dream by reaching the finish line in Van Der Donck Park....



  • Yonkers Marathon in New York
  • Yonkers 1/2 Marathon in New York
  • Yonkers 5K Run
  • 5K Mud Run Obstacle Race 
  • Yonkers 5K  SuperHeroes Race
  • 2K Jr/Family Race w/ Costumes


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Toughest Marathon in the East

Second Oldest Marathon in the USA

5K Mud Run with Obstacles

Yonkers Marathon and 5k Mud Run Obstacle Course

Oct 23, 2106

  • Marathon
  • 1/2 Marathon
  • 5K Run 

Oct 22, 2016

  • 5K Mud Run Obstacle Course 
  • 5K Run SuperHeroes Race
  • 2K Family Costume Run
  • ​After Run Party

5K Mud Run Obstacle Course     2K Family Run

5K Run SuperHeroes Race

The Yonkers Marathon is known for its tough hilly course that starts and finishes in downtown Yonkers and travels through the scenic hills then along the beautiful Hudson River.


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 5k Mud Run with 12 Military technique obstacles including Mud, Water, Fire and Rugged endurance. This is not your typical Tough Mudder run.


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